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What Career Is Right For Me

Most of the students nearing their board exams are baffled when they encounter life’s most important question- what next?

Going to the next class was their motive so far, but now they need to choose a stream that will lead them to a flourishing career. The dilemmas are numerous and sometimes even friends and families add to their confusion. Few years back there was no scientific tool for assessing your interests, your capabilities or even your personality type that would guide you to the right decision.

Everything depended on the gut feeling of parents and of course prospect of the industry. No wonder, we find people so stressed and confused in their chosen“money making careers”

Work is an important part of life which should bring satisfaction and happiness at the end of the day apart from taking care of your household bills and savings. So, why most students do not find jobs that bring them happiness?The answer is lack of proper self-analysis and career assessment. Proper career aptitude test not only helps in identifying suitable careers but also determines the motivation factors.

WHAT IS CAREER TEST? Mostly, students determine their career choices by:  

  • Identifying the area of interests or passion and choose that as their career
  • Choose the ‘trend’ or what is ‘popular’ among the friends and end up participating in a cat race Career test is a step towards determining your career. Being a student, you have more career options in your hand that you can possibly imagine. At this point in life, it is very common to be confused. However, career analysis is a scientific way to help in assessing a student’s personality and their interest zone. The best part of career test is that it does not prove you right or wrong but try to sync a better career description with your personal trait.


Personality test and Psychometric test are important to define the transitional moments of a student’s career. These tests are developed by psychologists, sociologists, educationists and career counsellors.The test results give key data about your behaviour and aptitude, your motivators and environment preferences that become instruments in matching to a wide range of knowledge and skills required for a potential career stream. Besides, the results also indicate the interest dimensions that make a student a strong competitor. A career test is ideal to determine a career that capitalises on your natural strengths. Online Career Aptitude Test gives students a clear picture about their interest, asking right questions to find whether they have enough drive to pursue their passion for life or is it just a hobby. Choosing a career that balances both their passion and market trends is like hitting at the bull’s eye. However, the career test tools are career suggestion generators and not the ultimate report for choosing your career.


A career test should be taken when you are confused and cannot decide which career is best for you. The ideal time for the aptitude test is from class 9 onwards. A career aptitude test is interesting and consists of mainly two steps, such as:

  • Psychometric Test

Psychometric test is a scientifically designed method, which is widely used by the recruiters. Therefore, using this tool at the earlier stage of career can help students to land on a better job opportunity.

Following are the advantages of taking the psychometric test before choosing a career:

  1. This test help in identifying personality traits such as artistic, enterprising, conventional, realistic, investigative, and social.
  2. This test helps in determining the strength and weaknesses of a candidate based on job requirements.
  3. The best part of the psychometric test is that the student cannot ‘fake’ the test.
  • Personality Test

Personality test is also a scientifically designed process to understand the personality of a student based on trigger points such as relationships, behaviour, and emotions.

The advantages of personality tests are as follows:

  1. Determine whether a student likes to work in a group (team player) or alone
  2. Determines whether a student likes to work in an office or comfortable in field jobs
  3. Determines whether the student has balance or connection between his gifts/talents and passion/hobbies
  4. Detects how a student will react under pressure and in different situations.

IS IT BENEFICIAL?A complete career aptitude test including both personality test and the psychometric test is beneficial in many ways. For example:  

  1. Plot a career: The personality tests and the psychometric tests is used to determine likable career of a person when he/she is still studying in school.
  2. Detects the Educational Needs:The curriculum of the institute may not always match the educational requirement for your chosen career. The tests help in determining an ideal institute for the student.
  3. Choose the Right Career Path:Being a student, it is hard to think clearly in order to find your ‘right’ career. However, the psychometric test and personality test can make the students become more confident about their choices.
  4.  Shift Career as Early as Possible:The tests help the students to shift their stream as early as possible without wasting their most expensive years in studying and pursuing wrong career options.Career aptitude tests is always helpful in guiding the students in selecting the best career. The use of both personality test and psychometric test at early stages will help the students to determine their strength, passion and career options. The students are also encouraged to take guidance from professional counsellors offered by Careeraptitudetest for a better and balanced future.

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