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Why Career Counselling Is Effective For Today’s Generation?

In the age of disruptive technology, when innovations and emerging trends are competing at break-neck speed, the career landscape is changing. New technologies like cloud computing are seamlessly aligning the ‘real’ and the ‘virtual’ world, resulting in an enormous transformation of traditional job roles.   According to SKILL DEVELOPMENT FOR INDUSTRY 4.0, the skills which are relevant today will cease to be so in the future.  There will be a higher percentage of careers that will give importance to cognitive abilities as core work-related skill sets. There will be new opportunities related to Industry 4.0 technologies – Automation / Robotics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing, smart grids, etc. The demand for a dynamic and innovative workforce driven by data is the need of the hour.   So how do children poised with the crucial question of choosing their stream and take up the challenge? With changing dynamics of industries and puzzling variety of careers, how will they select the right combination of subjects that will lend support to their career path?   Given the Indian curriculum in schools, they are familiar with practically all subjects from science, commerce to art subjects, providing a head start to the students in career planning. However, when the emphasis is on cognitive skills and inborn traits, it is not a trial and error method to achieve your goals as once you choose a stream, it will take a year’s time to change it.   Students often attribute their love for the subject to the high percentage they score in it and start planning the related profession. This should not be the case and you should seek the advice of your mentors.  

Why is self-assessment important for career planning?  According to Myers Briggs personality theory, no two people are the same, and every individual has a unique personality. Your study pattern and approach in understanding complex material is also different from your friends. This is also applicable to the subject area. For example, science needs an analytical and logical approach whereas Art subjects deal with ideas and perceptions. If your ‘thinking brain’ is in tune with your choice of subject, you will sail through your education life. Your course subject will neither be a reason for stress or confusion.   Having said this, how can you asses your study pattern, your inside and outside character and your personality. Though parents know you more than anyone, they are incapable of analyzing your traits and map your work profile to the most suitable career path. They are also not aware of emerging career choices.   The solution to this confusion is career counselling. Most career counsellors are psychologists who expertise in brain mapping tools and can guide you on the issues related to your career decision.   If you are unable to decide which stream to choose for class XII, or how to move forward with the choice of subjects, an expert career counsellor can give you the right advice. They are skilled in putting forward the right questions and scenarios to help you analyse your interests and inborn character.  

Career Counselling is effective:  To live a happy and prosperous work life, career guidance is imperative. It is important to keep in mind that your career decisions are irrevocable and costs time and money. So, avoid the pitfall of an erroneous judgment, because choosing a career path leads to the right choice of subjects for your goal. Instead, consider a COMPLETE CAREER TEST for your life’s important decision since it helps.  What does career counselling offer:  Career counsellors analyse your personality, behaviour, interests and cognitive skills. According to Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence, every individual is intelligent in different areas. In-depth analysis of your aptitude including abstract and conceptual reasoning, numerical and verbal reasoning, attention, speed, memory, and visualization in various verticals will help create your work profile.   This profile that highlights your strengths and weaknesses related to the work area will help them map them to different professions where your traits are in much demand. The four elements that are used by career counsellors are   1. Intelligence Test 2.  Aptitude Test 3. Interest Test 4. Personality Test   These advance psychometric tests enable counsellors to guide you through the right career for you. After matching what a profession is a befitting option for you, preparations to help you choose the right course for your career path is then discussed.   Choosing your career is an important decision and counsellors also connect with your family members in order to truly understand your potential.  

Counselling will help you in the following ways:  Career counsellors will help you discover yourself and will give invaluable inputs to work on your weaknesses in order to turn them into assets.   All psychometric tests are rooted in scientific research and backed up with the latest studies in the field related to human behaviour. Counsellors using these career assessment tests bring a scientific approach in career planning, boosting your confidence and making a clear map of your career path starting from best subject combination to the right course in the related institute.   They will also help you with the first-hand experience of the workplace through work visits. This will ensure you are aware of your future work, employment, and the skills required in the workplace.   The counsellor will connect you to emerging career opportunities which you had never thought of.   Remember success is 1% intelligence and 99% perseverance.CAREER COUNSELLING is the bridge that makes your career planning successful. Counsellors can show the way but it is your willingness to sweat it out that will bring true results.

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