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It’s OK To Get A “C”

Parents have always taught a fundamental chant to their children “the higher the grades, the better life one gets”. Adults lure children into believing that the only way of living a dignified life and sustaining in this world is by getting higher grades and following the line. This simply created a belief that “A” graders are more successful than lower graders or C graders.

Contrary to this popular belief, people with an A grade diploma are not necessarily successful with their exquisite knowledge and discipline. It is often seen that ones who had lower grades in schools or colleges have higher survival tactics and do amusingly great, later in life.

Why are grade C students successful in the first place…

1. They don’t stay within the lines

C students don’t create a checklist and take it step-by-step they create simpler ways to do it efficiently. While, it is undeniable that sometimes it may blow up in their face, it gives them opportunities to learn and discover.

2. They make their own path

While A graders try to follow how others do it or how’s it done in the book. C graders think out of the box and do it their way. In today’s world where the only thing constant is change, the old guidebook doesn’t help paying the bills.

3. They take risks

One of the most significant traits of an entrepreneur or leader is that they are risk takers. This is what distinguishes the doers from the dreamers. They find their passion in taking risks and that pushes them to keep going and reach the finish line.

4. They are not perfectionists

While, it is said that everything must be picture perfect to be appreciated. C graders embrace their imperfections and work to get better. They don’t freak out on a small mistake or not being “just right”. They believe it is okay for not being the best and keep working on it.

5. They are not afraid of failure

People who get straight A’s are fully concentrated on excellence in studies and are not used to messing up. As a result, when they enter into the real world and make a mistake they feel lost and detracted. It can be said that all C graders have experienced failure at least once and know how to cope with it.

6. They have more opportunities to enjoy their lives and be happier as a result

Even at a party or gathering, an A student may feel nervous about their next test or assignment, as a result, they cannot enjoy themselves and are constantly stressed. There is little time for individuality for them. C graders know how to let go when needed and take opportunities to fill themselves with positivity and happiness.

7. They are hardworking

Unlike A graders who never had the chance of really exploring themselves beyond exam sheets and books. C graders know themselves and their weaknesses. They work to be better and make changes. They know that they won’t be able to compete if they don’t put in the extra effort.

8. Self-directed learning

For C graders marks are just numbers on a sheet, they rarely get excellent grades, but non-satisfactory results are also not for them. They enjoy learning and are only interested in the information. They learn what will bring good results for them. Therefore, they opt for self-directed learning and complete tasks for the sake of submission.

9. They have their own definition of success

For A-grade students’ success may mean getting good grades, going to a good college, having well-paid jobs, cars and houses. Here, they compromise job satisfaction, give up their real passion or in the worst case don’t even get the chance to discover them! C graders don’t focus on their limitations they find their passion early and make their way towards it. They see success as a journey and not a destination.

None the less, we cannot blind ourselves to the importance of A and B graders in this world. The knowledge of these students brings ideas of lower graders to life. And it’s always possible that an A student may also have these life-skills.  Good grades do matter, it’s hard to accept but the marks and grades do influence your future to a certain level. However, they are not the only thing based on which you are judged. Grades can’t show every amazing quality you have, and colleges, scholarship organizations, and employers understand this.

Grades don’t define you. It’s possible to gain a good education without having good grades.

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