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How To Be Positive In The Coronavirus Fear

The saying goes ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. The coronavirus crisis has brought unforeseen difficulties. We believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Unusual as it seems, now is the time to talk about positivity and remind people of the good in the world. The best of human nature can rise to this hurdle and overcome the anxious times.

Millions of people around the world are going into isolation to put a stop to the COVID-19 spread. It is time to be proactive and overturn negative stress.

This piece here is to tell you what techniques to put into action to foster positive energy.

Positive Spirit

Positive emotions give way to a positive spirit, the key to happiness. It is not about the smile on the face alone but focusing on happy emotions makes you optimistic and changes your vision.

Considering the present situation, being positive and having a productive outlook is challenging.

Here’s what you can do to overcome:

  1. Limit the time you spend on social media and news. Stay informed indeed, but do not submerge yourself into it. Being constantly barraged with bad news takes a toll on your emotional health. 
  2. Give a designated time to your home and family, appreciate what you have. Maintain a daily affirmations journal and write a few things you are grateful for. Share your feelings with others if you feel like it.
  3. Indulge in meaningful conversation about life, emotions, feelings. Keep coronavirus out of the topic, always. Train your listening skills as it is a prerequisite for enhancing effective communication.
  4. Truly enjoy your break. Read that book you long decided to. Do deeds that add value to your life.
  5. Pick a new habit to involve yourself. Be it cooking, knitting, gardening or however the simple task, enjoy it full-fledged.

All these little things enhance mood and make life stress-free.


Isolation from the world makes connections critical with those related or important to us. The only mode of connection becomes digital. In general times, you go out and meet your friends, go clubbing or shopping. Considering the critical period, this is not a possibility.

In times like this, engagements play an important role to levitate our senses of wellbeing. High engagement activities fill our bodies with positive energy. Musicians, performers, athletes call this ‘the flow’. It is that feeling of tranquility and delight after every high activity session.

When you fill your life with activities, you fill the void, and time flies without you getting distracted. Enjoying ‘the flow’ doesn’t always require agility training, it can be home-based activities as well.

  1. Exercising, dancing, singing are common activities to keep oneself focused and happy. Maintaining a routine-based practice of these activities enhances focus and peace.
  2. Listening helps well. It can be music, other people on the internet, podcasts, and videos. Try listening to a positive song and decipher how it impacts your life.
  3. Give yourself a little love. Keep a time slot and call it ‘the pamper session’. Get busy with haircare, skincare, a deep bath and bring back glow from within.
  4. Read a book and make it a habit. If you are not into fiction and classics, read one on self-improvement. Follow it with thorough research and implement it for your wellbeing.

Inside your mind, these activities make room for intelligence, skill, and positive emotion, shutting out negative thoughts.


Humans are used to connections and interactions in daily life. Strong interactions keep us emotionally connected, in love, friendship, and bonding. Our daily face-to-face interactions, at the workplace, home, and several other places add meaning to life.

Being in isolation is not a reason to make them suffer. Rather, you need to rethink and configure to make them more secure.

Now is the ideal time to rebuild broken connections and newer ones. Coronavirus is not confined to a single country or continent; it is a global pandemic. All of us are equally suffering.

We can reach out to some amount of people through social media, not everybody. There are people in your locality digitally disconnected. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Approach people around you through a phone call or a visit from a safe distance. Ask how they are doing in this critical period or any kind of help they need. Listen and act.
  2. Stay in touch with your colleagues and ask how they are coping up with work from home. Ask them if they require any help. Listen and act.
  3. Do the same with all your family members far away. Children, parents, relatives, significant other. Listen and act.

When you listen deeply, you understand the other person’s emotions and feelings. Great relationships are built on the foundation of understanding.

Utilize this golden opportunity to bring in a sense of joy and a growing relationship.

The Purpose

It is said when we see death close to the eye, we truly value the life we live. Coronavirus is showing us the same. It is pushing us, individuals, to spend time with ourselves and reconsider the purpose of life.

We look up to various things in life, we find sense in daily routine. We pray, cook, raise children, care for elders, go to work, do it all like chores. We possess things, house, car, designation but no meaning. You need to look inwards for the meaning of life which is profound and full of positivity.

Whatever activity you do, try and find the meaning and the purpose within. You can emphasize that purpose by trying out the following:

  1. Explore the dream within. Write it down and reform to give it life. Every human has a purpose different than the other. Find your own unique purpose and you’ll find peace. Figuring the purpose of your life will take longer than the time coronavirus is here to stay.
  2. Chalk out a plan on how you can improve your life to achieve that dream. This is not similar to buying a car, this is finding yourself. It will take time, but it will be worth it.

The sense of peace and satisfaction is what gives positive vibes. Whatever the task might be, the sense of accomplishment makes us feel our life is under control. Remember, when you keep on thinking and worrying, you suffer twice.

Anything that bothers your peace is expensive. So calm your soul and forget things that stress you. If tragedy comes, let it, you must meet it when it does, with optimism. 

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