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Web-Development As A Career In 2022

Choosing a career after 12th is a very difficult decision. This decision is going to shape your entire life, and most importantly your identity. Before you choose anything, it is vital to understand your interests. Is it Science? Or is it English? If Science, then particularly which one, Physics or Computer? To determine what subject suits you,career aptitude testproves beneficial.

An aptitude test takes you through a series of a questionnaire to help find your right career path. 

If computer science is the right career for you, then this blog might be helpful. 

At present, Web-development is a booming industry in India. It has become an integral part of today’s IT world. Everything we see around us is conducted worldwide using the web. Let us discuss what web development is and how to start a career in it.

What is web development?

Web-development is the study associated with learning how to develop a website by Web-programming. The website can be for the internet or the intranet (a private network). A website is created and maintained by a developer. The developer is responsible for how a website appears and handles the website’s coding, framework, design and all the technical features – its performance and capacity.

Why choose web development?

There is a high opportunity for growth in web-development both in India and abroad. The reason is quite simple. People spend a lot of time on the internet compared to anything else. It has a soaring demand with career growth, high package, and flexibility. Be it on Facebook or Twitter or going through e-commerce sites or reading through the internet, developers are required to create them, enhance them and keep upgrading them. Companies no longer market themselves traditionally through advertising but prefer digital marketing for business expansion. Thus, there is a high need for developers to meet all these requirements.

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Types of web development career:

When developing a website, a developer can play a variety of roles just for a single software based on their expertise. These are a vast range of career that web development branches to:

1. Web Developer

A webdeveloper constructs the overall appearance and user-experience using programming and technology. They handle website speed and the capacity to handle the traffic. They can work both front end (client-side development) and back-end (server-side development).

2. Software Engineer

A software engineer associates with both the developers and programmers to turn the software idea into a functioning program. They work with both the design and development to improve the efficiency of the entire process of developing and designing.

3. Computer Programmer

A programmer works with the code of the software being created. They maintain the source code of the website; they write instructions that a computer can understand so that the software/website works in a particular way a programmer wants to.

4. Web Designer

Web designing in itself is such a huge work, discussing it properly requires a complete post. In short, their main objective is creating user experience through their design and transforming it into a working website. They need to research on the business need, client behavior and entail how the website would function. A web designer, however, has restrictions on what they make because much of the speed of the website depends on it. 

5. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer does the same job of making designs without any programming involved with it. They make brochures, posters, and other marketing materials. They are also responsible for making designs that can be later published as printed work or even on a website under construction.

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Eligibility criteria for web development

Educational Qualification:to pursue a career in web development you must possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related subjects. You can choose between –

  1. a bachelor’s degree (B. Sc) course in Computer Science
  2. a bachelor’s degree (B. Sc) course in Computer Application
  3. a B. tech Software Engineering degree
  4. a Diploma/Certificate course in any of the developing skills
  5. a bachelor’s degree and a specialized certificate
  6. M. tech after a B. tech degree
  7. M. Sc after a B. Sc degree

Age:  The minimum age to get into a degree course is 18 and the maximum age is 25.

Courses included in web development:

The web-development course has two main divisions:

1. Front-end development

2. Back-end development

A Front-end developer is also called a client-end developer. They create programming codes that are the visual elements of the website. These features are directly visible and can be accessed by the client. They convert the designs into raw HTML, CSS code or JavaScript. The result of which serves as the front-end structure that is error-free and looks exactly like the design. They need to have a thorough knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, Frameworks, GUI and debugging. Understanding each of these requires high knowledge and should be separately studied.

A Back-end developer is a server-side developer. They are required to create a database so that the front-end can work. Their main work involves the web-development language, database, server, and API. A back-end developer is adept in languages like Java, Python, C++ and higher programming languages. Knowledge of DBMS technology is a must for back-end developers. Their main job is to meet the needs of the front-end system or the software through programmable means.

Syllabuses Covered In Web-Development:

In web-development these are the detailed syllabus you shall cover and the skills you will learn based on the development branch you are specializing in:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Bootstrap
  4. PHP
  5. Python
  6. Ruby
  7. JavaScript
  8. jQuery 
  9. Angular JS
  10. HTTP
  11. Node.js
  12. Express Framework
  13. Foundation Paradigms
  14. Web-Sockets

Each of these studies has detailed content in themselves that must be further studied to be an expert developer.

When you go through a career aptitude test, you also get a list of colleges or institutions that are appropriate for pursuing the career. Here is a list of colleges that are best for starting a web development career.

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Top Colleges/Institutes in India for starting a Web-Development career:


Course: B. Tech Computer Science Engineering

Fees: INR 8.34 lakhs approx.

Eligibility: Passed 12th from a recognized board and cleared JEE Advanced.

Duration: 4 years


Contact: +91-3222-255221


Course: B. Tech Computer Science and Engineering

Fees: INR 8.46 lakhs approx. 

Eligibility: Passed 12th from a recognized board and cleared JEE Advanced

Duration: 4 years


Contact: +91 (22) 2572 2545


Course: B. Tech Computer Engineering

Fees: INR 7.81 lakhs approx.

Eligibility: Passed 12th from a recognized board and cleared JEE Mains

Duration: 4 years


Contact: 011-27871018


Course: B. Tech Computer Science and Technology

Fees: INR 5.11 lakhs approx. (Hostel fees per year: 1900/-)

Eligibility: Passed 12th from a recognized board and cleared JEE Mains

Duration: 4 years


Contact: +91 (033) 2668 4561 to 63


Course: BE Computer Science and Engineering

Fees: INR 96000 approx.

Eligibility: Passed 12th from a recognized board and cleared JEE Mains

Duration: 4 years


Contact: +9133-24146666


Course: B. Sc Computer Science

Fees: N/A

Eligibility: Passed 12th from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English

Duration: 3 years


Contact: +91 – 44 – 28178200


Course: B. Sc Computer Science

Fees: INR 21557 approx.

Eligibility: Passed 12th from a recognized board

Duration: 3 years


Contact: 022 22620661


Course: B. Sc Computer Science

Fees: INR 7812 approx.

Eligibility: Passed 12th from a recognized board

Duration: 3 years


Contact: (033)-2537-3297 / 2537-8797


Course: BE Computer Science and Engineering

Fees: INR 88240 approx.

Eligibility: Passed 12th from a recognized board and cleared

Duration: 4 years


Contact: 080 2662 2130

Someone might tell you engineering is the best; someone would say medical. Take an aptitude test for a career and understand which one is best for you. Everybody wants to choose the best, highest paying career but this often leads to work-related stress. When you enjoy your work, it no longer becomes a cause for stress.Career aptitude testhelps you find the right career path that clicks with who you are and ensures work satisfaction and happiness. The career aptitude test will tell you your capabilities and skills are, hone them. Class 9-10 is the best time to understand what subject your focus should be on.

We hope this blog helps you through a development career in the future.

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