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Why Choose Mass Communication While Planning Your Career?

Let’s start with – why are we choosy about careers?

Career choices make us think a lot – years of planning, preparation, and phases of confusion dot the journey of choosing your career. So, why do you think people are so skeptical about their career choice? The only reason being that youngsters lay under the confusion as to whether this career path will open up sufficient job avenues for them! And if your choice is influenced by contemporary trends in employment patterns, you start worrying about whether the currently in-demand career bears the same weight 20 years down the line.

Individuals are therefore inclined to choose their career in either of the two methods:

  1. Choose an academically traditional path which ascertains a few jobs like that of a researcher or educator.
  2. Choose a relatively new career path that is booming and will continue to be so in the next few decades.

If your mindset matches with the second option, you are sure to go for some technical course as the future belongs to ‘technology’. But if you’re thinking the other way round, journalism is one career that has evolved over the years, not only academically but also as far as job opportunities are concerned! ‘Journalism’ is a diverse concept; it is neither one of those old-school conventional subjects nor a modern course that needs any stern technical, analytical, or mathematical skills! Thus, more and more budding professionals are clicking on this career choice these days.  Let us head straight into the number of job prospects that taking up a course of mass communication opens up for you. In other words, the most popular reasons for students to opt for a course of journalism and mass communication are –

Exposure To Multiple Career Options

When we say ‘multiple’ we mean it. Yes, the various career avenues that open up for a candidate hailing from the mass communication background is awe-inspiring! You can enroll yourself for an internship opportunity in the following:  1. Publishing and/or media houses 2. Advertising and marketing agencies 3. Press and/or the print media sector 4. Company advertising department 5. PR agencies or firms (for firms and organizations to build liaison with the media sector) 6. Film-making and documentary-making industry 7. Video-scripting 8. Content writing for web media and marketing firms 9. Photography or photo-journalism 10. Communication executives and experts for different institutions, firms, and sectors. These are only a few among the vast number of job opportunities held by mass communication and journalism. Event management personnel, radio jockeying, program anchoring, and the list still goes on. A few among the other interesting reasons for which you might take up this course are –

Opportunities To Travel Extensively –

 It could be for communication, collection of news, managing an event in a faraway city, etc. that would take to different places. If traveling is fun for you (as is the case with most of us) you are sure to embrace a lot of chances to travel as a journalist, communicator, event manager, etc.! 

Creativity And Exploring Your Network –

You know that when you are traveling to places, meeting new people, and interacting with new cultures, you are exploring more of this world. The inner you become more enriched, and as you grow in years, you grow in your deeds and experience too! You get to interact not only with people from different cultures but also different organizations, media houses, communication firms – and they are all important pillars within the social frame! Your future thus finds an open door to a much broader horizon.

Lucrative Salary Packages –

This is not the last thing that you look at while choosing your career. Indeed, it is one of the firsts! In India, media is a sector that pays handsomely. While you are about to intern with, say, a media house, your stipend starts from something around 12,000 to 20,000 per month. This is fair in comparison with the entry-level salary structure of many other sectors in the country. If you’re starting with something around 15k in your early 20s, you can take your salary figure well up to 3.5 to 4lacs P.A in your 30s!

Institutes That Are Looked Up To By Students Who Are Gearing Up For A Course In Mass Communication

Premier institutes in India offer courses in Journalism and Mass Communication. Such institutes that are dedicated to this course are –IIMC – The Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New DelhiACJ – Asian College of Journalism, ChennaiXIMC – Xavier Institute of Mass Communication, MumbaiSIMC – Symbiosis Institute of Mass CommunicationIIJNM – Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media, BangaloreSCM – Social Communications Media, dept. Sophia, MumbaiSoC – School of Communication, Manipal UniversityAmity School of Communication, NoidaNSHM Institute of Media & DesignInstitute of Mass Communication and Media Technology, Kurukshetra UniversityThe list mentioned above is not at all a comprehensive one. Media studies and communication courses are provided across a wide variety of colleges, universities, and private institutes across the nation. Some of the prestigious universities like the JNU, Delhi University, University of Hyderabad, and so on, not only offer varied courses but ensure healthy student placements too. The varied courses are offered on subjects like Media Science, animation technology, PR, broadcasting technology, print journalism, TV and radio anchoring, etc. – that are all specializations of mass communication! To cut the long story short, communicating to the masses is a broad and all-encompassing arena that includes several career choices and job opportunities as well. But to thrive in this field, more than academics, you need to be passionate about a few things. Having a creative mind, looking at things with your exclusive perception, a love for interacting with the masses, power to communicate, and a thirst to accept new challenges – all of them collectively and whole-heartedly contributes to your success in this job! Still not sure if you have a passion for journalism or the power to communicate or a thirst to accept new challenges? Try Career Aptitude Testand find out your hidden talents that may one day make you a renowned journalist in the town! 

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